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Bún bò: recipes from the road

We ate a lot of good food in Hanoi. A lot. It’s hard to play [...]


Amsterdam calm

Similar to how we started our journey in Prague, we wanted to end somewhere familiar. We [...]

LAM meet-ups in the Netherlands

When we set out on this adventure, I posted a message about our trip on [...]

Nijmegen: Historic yet under-the-radar

Nijmegen was the last new destination on the first leg of our year-long journey. So we [...]


Maastricht: Indulging in Belgium in the Netherlands

There is a dispute in the Netherlands over what is its oldest city. Some say [...]

Gezelligheid in Utrecht

“Forget the flash, in which you may exist, the world is your map.” -From the [...]

Rotterdam is too cool

Rotterdam was the first stop in our 3-week tour of the Netherlands. It is a very [...]


We went to the Faroe Islands

Why did we go to the Faroe Islands? Just to do it. Flying to the [...]


Weekend in Inverness, Scotland

Inverness is a nice, small city in the Scottish Highlands. We spent three days in [...]


Exploring the Isle of Skye

From our wonderful base in Dornie, we explored the Isle of Skye thrice. A convenient [...]