WWLAM 2021: Empowering Patient Perspectives

4 pictures of women with LAM and their loved ones. WWLAM 2021 logo in right corner.

Being diagnosed with a disease like LAM can be difficult at any time. Imagine it happening during a global pandemic. For WWLAM 2021, we’re proud to share the empowering perspectives of four women diagnosed with LAM during the past crazy, turbulent year. Though their individual stories are unique, they share a sense of fortitude and a strong commitment to the LAM community.

WWLAM 2021 logo


“The LAM community is a pretty incredible one. A lot of us have said it, but if you could choose having a rare disease, this would be the one.”


“Not only has the LAM community provided me with a support group, it has provided knowledge and given me a way to engage in the fight. That empowerment is huge!”


“LAM has made me stop and appreciate the little things in life like amazing sunsets, a walk on the beach, beautiful flowers.”


“If I can offer advice to someone facing a difficult diagnosis, it would be to advocate for yourself, allow people to support you, and appreciate everything.”

Want to help find a cure?

June has been designated Worldwide LAM Awareness Month (WWLAM) by the Worldwide LAM Patient Coalition. Donate to The LAM Foundation to fund research to find a cure and support services for women with LAM.


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