Our introduction to the Netherlands was like most people’s – with a trip to Amsterdam. We immediately fell in love with its romantic vibe, its beautiful canals, its charming architecture, and its delicious stroopwafels. We returned a couple times before deciding to spend a month exploring more of the country during our year of travel. And we ended up spending two months here. We were hooked.

We’ve recently celebrated our one year of living in Rotterdam. Though we don’t have as many picturesque canals, we absolutely love this city. We still marvel at the unique buildings around us and love getting to know new neighborhoods. And we continue to travel and explore the rest of the Netherlands as well. Our goal is to get to all 12 provinces – we only have three to go so we should achieve it in good time.

So let us show you what we love about this country. We’ve got a lot of insider tips for Rotterdam, advice about visiting the most popular places in the Netherlands, and some hidden gems. Check back often for more as we continue to explore.

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