Visiting Hiroshima

If you stumbled into Hiroshima without any knowledge of the past, you’d think it was [...]


Eat and die in Osaka

When we hung out with Dr. Inoue in Tokyo he recommended we go to Dotonburi [...]

At the 3rd LAM Forum in Japan

We got lucky with the timing of our trip to Tokyo. The last day we [...]

Nara day trip: it’s all about the deer

Nara is a famous city in the Kansai region of Japan. It’s home to an [...]


6 days in Kyoto: a leisurely itinerary of top attractions and hidden gems

We spent 6 days in Kyoto, and could easily have spent 6 more. The city [...]

Experience traditional Japan: Kanazawa things to do

When you visit Kanazawa, it feels like you’re visiting traditional Japan and a bit like [...]


Owls in Tokyo

Yep. We went to an owl cafe in Tokyo. We were those people. It was [...]


Asakusa: our charming home in Tokyo

We are spending 3 1/2 weeks in Japan. Though we are excited to explore more [...]

Packing light to travel the world

How does one pack to leave one’s home for an extended period of time and [...]


Amsterdam calm

Similar to how we started our journey in Prague, we wanted to end somewhere familiar. We [...]