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3 week Japan itinerary

We have visited Japan 3 times on short, medium, and long trips. And we would [...]


Cheap eats in Tokyo (with map)

Figuring out where to eat in Tokyo is overwhelming. When last we checked, there were [...]

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First time Japan: travel tips, etiquette, and trip planning resources

Planning a trip to Japan may seem overwhelming. This is especially the case if you’re [...]


The wide world of sports: travel inspiration for sports fans

There are a ton of different ways to immerse yourself in a destination. From free [...]

How to take the ferry from Fukuoka to Busan

During our time in Asia, we traveled from Japan to South Korea by ferry! Specifically [...]


Ramen in Fukuoka

We visited Fukuoka for two reasons: (1) it’s an easy gateway to South Korea, the [...]

What to do when you get a toothache in Japan

During our year-long trip around the world, we spent one month in Japan. We visited [...]


Visiting Hiroshima

If you stumbled into Hiroshima without any knowledge of the past, you’d think it was [...]


Eat and die in Osaka

When we hung out with Dr. Inoue in Tokyo he recommended we go to Dotonburi [...]

At the 3rd LAM Forum in Japan

We got lucky with the timing of our trip to Tokyo. The last day we [...]