Pictures to inspire you to visit the Rhine River Valley in Germany

Rhine River Valley pictures

Our Rhine River Valley cruise from Mainz to Sankt Goar in Germany was one of the highlights of our whole 13-month adventure. You can take a fancier river cruise or the KD Ferry like we did. Either way, it’s a relaxing way to spend an afternoon (or longer!) and you’ll see some remarkable scenery along the way. Including castles. Lots of castles! The most chock-full-of-castles part of the trip is from Bingen to Sankt Goar. We hurriedly scurried from one side of the boat to the other snapping hundreds of pictures. Here are our favorites…

10 pictures to inspire you to take a Rhine River Valley cruise

Rhine River valley cruise, Germany

Rhine River valley cruise, Germany

Rhine River valley cruise, Germany

Rhine River valley cruise, Germany

Rhine River valley cruise, Germany

Rhine River valley cruise, Germany

Rhine River valley cruise, Germany

Rhine River valley cruise, Germany

Rhine River valley cruise, Germany

Read more about our time in Mainz and the Rhine River Valley!

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31 Replies to “Pictures to inspire you to visit the Rhine River Valley in Germany”

  1. Its so beautiful isn’t it. We were in awe and it was where do you look!

  2. awwwwwwwwww outdoors! even though i live in a province, I just can’t get enough of seeing the mountains! especially when it’s near a body of water. <3 rhine river valley reminds me of port of Abra de ilog in our hometown!

  3. What a beautiful place! I love seeing the castles, my daughter keeps asking to go to a castle so I will be taking her in April. Lovely photos too!

  4. Definitely inspiring! The landscape looks incredible and the little colourful houses. I love that!

  5. Wow, that’s beautiful!! It looks like a fairytale landscape – thanks for sharing; this is definitely something I’ll have to look into!

  6. everywhereforward says: Reply

    Your photos are beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit Germany; these photos really make me want to go now!

  7. those castles and buildings are something else! I’m planning a trip to Germany this year, I might have to check this out!

  8. Really beautiful and quality photos! I love the one with the castle on the hill.

  9. We are travelling the Rhine valley in 2019 and I simply can’t wait! Your pictures are very lovely and makes me want to take a cruise.

  10. Looks like it would be a scene out of a Disney movie. So cute and peaceful. I need to go back to Germany haha. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I loved the first one! Plus you had a beautiful day to take pictures!

  12. I’d love to visit here it’s so close to the Netherlands!

  13. Wow such beautiful pictures. Loved the beautiful view by the river

  14. Beautiful photos! I’ve only been to Munich and Berlin but this is definitely on my list now. What amazing weather you had!!

  15. I love this post! I live up in Germany but my sister will be studying abroad here later this year. Hoping to organize a Rhine River Valley cruise for her!

  16. I just love Germany. So many awe inspiring places!

  17. Incredible photos! Particularly the second one had me sold. How much does this cost?

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      If you take the KD Ferry it depends on where you get on and off (there are a lot of options). The one we did was just under 50 EUR per person for one way from Mainz to St. Goar. The round trip is only a little bit more, but in my opinion that’s a lot of time to spend on a boat especially since you see the same thing twice. So we took the train back to Mainz. It’s not cheap, but was something I would still recommend, especially on a lovely sunny day like the one we had.

  18. Wow, yes looks amazing, I have only been to Wiesbaden on Rhine love to come back for more!

  19. This cruise is sheer magic. Beautiful indeed!

  20. It’s so close to me but I have never been there, what a shame !! Great pictures!!

  21. Wow this looks stunning! Something I would have never thought of before!

  22. lisannevanbeurden says: Reply

    Beautiful photos! You definitely inspired me!

  23. So awesome. I need to do this before we leave this part of the world! You were able to capture some amazing photographs along the way!

  24. Love this! And I am lucky enough to call it my Home! What a beautiful place/journey along the Rhine! Beautiful pictures by the way 🙂

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Oh I’m jealous! Where do you live?

  25. Oh it looks so beautiful! I’ve never been to Germany, but your post has definitely inspired me too XX

  26. This looks absolutely magical! I haven’t been to Germany since I was in high school but I absolutely loved the little I got to see – it’s probably time to go back!

  27. There is something so dreamy about these castles on the water!

  28. Looks so beautiful! I find myself adding more and more places in Germany to my travel list. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  29. Always amazed at the beauty of my home country! The castles look amazing 🙂 Beautiful photos!

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