But it’s worth it

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Travel has helped me cope with having a debilitating lung disease. It’s taken me outside myself to help me not live in fear and wallow in sadness. When I’m traveling, I often feel like the strongest, best version of myself. But then, sometimes, travel also has a way of doing the exact opposite. It kicks me in the teeth and reminds me that no, I’m not superwoman. I’m not even everywoman. I am a woman with LAM.

After almost eight hours of travel today (including one subway, two buses, one plane, two trains) my body is done. The exhaustion is crippling. It’s only 8pm and I can’t keep my eyes open. And when I feel like this physically, the negative feelings can be overwhelming too.

But then, I think back to the day I had yesterday. I woke up in fairy-tale Český Krumlov, where there was still snow on the rooftops. I watched the sun go down over one of the most beautiful cities in the world from Prague Castle. And I finished it off with a Czech feast.

And I know once I feel like myself again, I’ll start planning the next trip. Because I can’t wait to get back out there. Because I know travel is worth it.

Prague, Czech Republic

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  1. Thats how I feel too Sarah xx..

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Glad I’m not alone!

  2. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story and for educating readers like me who just spent the last 15 mins researching LAM.

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Thank YOU! Means so much to us that you did that.

  3. i love that you shares that travel isnt glamourous and fun all the time. it can be exhausting and worrysome but in the end everything is worth it. such a beautiful post!

  4. Traveling can test even the fittest people. So keep sharing your story as it is inspiring and here’s to many more exciting adventures in your future.

  5. Yeah, it usually take me from at least half a day to two days to reach my destination but it’s definitely worth it when you wake up in another country. 🙂

  6. Your story is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing and keep travelling!!

  7. Beautiful piece, and I can’t agree more. it is definitely worth it.

  8. Very inspiring! And it is certainly worth it. It seems to me that travel doesn’t have to be tiring if we just do it slowly. It’s a lesson I’ll need to learn too as I get older because I’ll always want to travel, but I tend to try to fit too much into each day. Anyway, good for you!

  9. Travel does make living worthwhile! Thanks for sharing your story ♥️

  10. Travel is so worth it! Good for you for getting out there and doing it. I’ve got a health issue that sometimes makes travel, or anything else, less than ideal. You really have to do it though, when you live to travel.

  11. Thank you for sharing your story, you are very inspiring. I completely agree with you, traveling is always worth it!

  12. Lovely to read Sarah, Prague sure is a very pretty city! Stay strong! 😄

  13. I think you did amazing for having such a long journey! Anyone would be exhausted after several modes of transportation. I think it’s amazing that you aren’t letting your health condition stop you from following your heart

  14. Beautifully said and I agree it is worth it. Do what feeds your soul. Follow your heart.

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