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The gnomes of Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland is known for its gnomes. It’s one of the reasons we visited the city. These diminutive statues are all over the city, and hunting for them is a main attraction in Wroclaw. We had so much fun gnome-spotting in Wroclaw! We hope our many, many pictures of the gnomes of Wroclaw inspire you […]

Best pho in Rotterdam Centrum

Best pho in Rotterdam

Where is the best pho in Rotterdam? This is a question we’ve often asked ourselves. We currently live close to two renowned pho spots so decided to check them out. Here is our head-to-head comparison of pho in Rotterdam Centrum: Pho Hanoi vs Deli Tasty. To make things fair, at each place Sarah ordered pho […]

Accessible travel tips from frequent travelers

Accessible Travel Tips

Traveling when you’re not perfectly healthy or able-bodied can seem tricky and intimidating. But with some research and advance planning, it can be done. To help you get started, we’re sharing accessible travel tips and practical advice for traveling with a disability, chronic illness, or medical condition. We think travel is an important part of life and […]

Five reasons to visit the Market Hall in Rotterdam

Market Hall, Rotterdam, Netherlands

By our estimation, the Market Hall in Rotterdam (Markthal) is the coolest food market in the world. Okay, so we haven’t been to every food market in the world, but we’ve been to a lot of them across Europe, Asia, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Here are five reasons the Rotterdam Markthal tops […]

Spend a winter weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgarian National Theater, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria is perfect for a quick European city break, especially during winter. We spent a long weekend in Sofia in December and there was a lot to love about the city. Sofia is small enough that you can walk pretty much everywhere. Sofia has interesting and impressive architecture, including its star attraction Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. […]

A perfect end: Mainz and the Rhine River Valley in Germany

Mainz and the Rhine River Valley

And here we are at the end. 13 months after we set off from our apartment in Brooklyn, we would complete our journey in Mainz, Germany. It may seem an odd place to end. After all, Mainz isn’t the most popular destination in Germany. But we came up with the idea when we left Cologne […]

Pictures to inspire you to visit the Rhine River Valley in Germany

Rhine River Valley pictures

Our Rhine River Valley cruise from Mainz to Sankt Goar in Germany was one of the highlights of our whole 13-month adventure. You can take a fancier river cruise or the KD Ferry like we did. Either way, it’s a relaxing way to spend an afternoon (or longer!) and you’ll see some remarkable scenery along […]

Nuremberg: the most beautiful city in Germany?

Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg (Nürnberg) was a new city for us – and our 13th destination in Germany! And what a city it was. We had read about how beautiful Nuremberg is, but it’s always nice to have our expectations exceeded – especially so close to the end of our time on the road. Nuremberg is truly stunning – probably […]

Get a taste of the Black Forest and Flammkuchen in Freiburg

Freiburg, Germany

We decided to end our 13-month long journey back in the country where we truly discovered our love of travel together: Germany. We started in Freiburg im Breisgau, a small city in the Black Forest. We had visited Freiburg once before and loved for its overall relaxed vibe, its pretty location, and its food. We were excited […]

How to not go broke in Basel

Basel, Switzerland

Switzerland wasn’t always on our list of places to visit on this 13-month journey. We were very mindful of our finances during this past year and Switzerland is really, really expensive. But after we left France, it made a lot of sense to stop in Basel. And we’d never been to the city before, so we […]