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Symptoms of LAM

According to the LAM Foundation, the symptoms of lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) can include: Shortness of breath [...]

Healthy living with LAM

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a degenerative lung disease. As the disease progresses, one’s lung function decreases. [...]

Tips for traveling with LAM

Travel Breathe Repeat is a travel blog. One of the people traveling just happens to have [...]


LAM meet-ups in Australia

While in Australia, I was lucky to meet women with LAM and other members of the [...]


LAM meet-up in Auckland

Last year when I started talking to the LAM Foundation about this trip and mentioned [...]


LAM meet-up in Köln

The first woman with LAM I made on this journey was Sina. I met her [...]

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At the 3rd LAM Forum in Japan

We got lucky with the timing of our trip to Tokyo. The last day we [...]

LAM meet-ups in the Netherlands

When we set out on this adventure, I posted a message about our trip on [...]

LAM meet-up in Edinburgh

During our week in the wonderful city of Edinburgh, I had the pleasure of meeting [...]


First LAM meet-up – Sina in Berlin

One of the goals of this journey Justin and I are on is to meet [...]