Healthy living with LAM

Worldwide LAM Awareness Month

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a degenerative lung disease. As the disease progresses, one’s lung function decreases. A major symptom of LAM is shortness of breath and many women with LAM require supplemental oxygen. These things make exercising pretty hard, but exercise is so important for us! My doctor strongly encourages me and all her patients to exercise regularly to keep our lungs and the rest of our bodies as fit as can be. She also sees exercise as a good way for me to keep tabs on my disease. If I’ve been exercising regularly, I might be more likely to notice if something is wrong. She also advises that I eat a balanced, healthy diet.

All of this is of course extremely difficult! As readers of this blog know, I love good food and drink. And even though I love going for long walks around new cities, I hate going to the gym and working out. But I know it’s important. A lot of the women with LAM I’ve interacted with have taken steps to improve their overall health and have found they feel better as a result. One thing I love about the LAM patient community is how supportive and inspiring we women can be when it comes to helping others reach their goals. So with that in mind, here are some healthy living ideas from the women I spoke to.

Kristy says…

I exercise regularly but try not to be too hard on myself. If I’m having a “bad” breathing day, I either relax or do exercise at a lower rate. I am eating a reduced inflammation/low carb diet which has helped a few aspects of my daily life.
Kristy and her daughter

Sina says…

More sport, eating healthier, less stress (very important!). I also started a training for “nonviolent communication” in order to deepen connections, increase understanding and compassion.

Maria says…

My diet is different. I, for the most part, eat healthier. Hey, I’m Mexican, so tacos, tortas, tripas, rice/beans ruled my life! Now, I’m more of a caldo de pollo (chicken soup) kinda girl! I feel lots better with salads, soups and lettuce wraps as my lifestyle change… (and I’m getting my sexy back!).

Dina says…

I started eating right and forcing myself on that treadmill daily. I am on the treadmill every single day: an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. I have to turn up my oxygen as high as it will go though to keep my sats at at least to 93.

Bree says…

I have changed my eating… eating good wholesome food. I do Tai Chi and I walk in a pool. I also walk my dogs.
Bree's dogs


Support women with LAM and help find a cure

Organizations that help women with LAM need your support! Click the below links to donate or learn more about the organizations that have helped the women who participated in this project.

WWLAM fundraising page for the The LAM Foundation (US)

LAM Selbsthilfe Deutschland e.V. (Germany)

Stichting LAM-Nederland (the Netherlands)

LAM Australia Research Alliance (Australia)

For information about all the global organizations that are a part of the Worldwide LAM Patient Coalition, click here.

Worldwide LAM Awareness Month (WWLAM)

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