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Tips for traveling with fibromyalgia (and other chronic illnesses)

Tips for traveling with fibromyalgia

Erin is our latest guest author on the topic of accessible travel. Erin writes a humor blog about being a mom while living with fibromyalgia and some other conditions thrown in there for fun. She doesn’t travel often, but recently went on a trip to Colorado and learned a lot about what it’s like traveling […]


Traveling with IBD

We’re pleased to introduce another traveler as part of our accessible travel series of guest posts. Rio has a chronic disease called ulcerative colitis (UC). Along with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). IBD and other gastrointestinal diseases can be quite debilitating, and as in Rio’s case, can sometimes be life-threatening. Common […]


Wheelchair travel tips from a wheelchair user

Wheelchair travel tips from a wheelchair user

We’re pleased to share the next guest post in our accessible travel series where we feature different types of travelers who enjoy seeing the world in spite of what others may see as limitations. Brittany was born with a condition called dwarfism and doctors didn’t expect her to live longer than a few days. She […]


Overcoming travel anxiety

How to overcome travel anxiety

We’re excited to introduce the next guest author in our accessible travel series. Nicky writes the blog, That Anxious Traveller, where she is documenting her journeys around the world while trying to keep her anxiety at bay. In this post, she tells the story of how traveling has actually helped her manage her anxiety and […]


Five wheelchair accessible things to do in Tenerife

Wheelchair accessible things to do in Tenerife, Spain

We’re excited to introduce a new series of guest posts all about accessible travel. We’re featuring people with different backgrounds all around the world who love traveling in spite of what others may see as limitations. First up is Alex, the blogger behind The Life Quadriplegic. Alex was disabled in a car crash at the […]


Being an athlete with LAM

Living with LAM: Melissa

It took crossing the finish line of my first marathon for me to consider myself an athlete. Although I enjoyed athletic activities throughout my life – softball, volleyball, track and field, swimming, hiking, skiing – it wasn’t until I took up running as an adult that I identified as an athlete. I became increasingly interested […]


Exercising with LAM

Living with LAM: Nisha

A couple years after my LAM diagnosis, I decided to take an outdoors fitness bootcamp class. I had lung surgery a year prior and was still nervous about upper body conditioning, not to mention struggling with shortness of breath. So I talked briefly about LAM with the instructor who assured me that she would be […]


Being a godparent with LAM

Living with LAM: Catrin

My name is Catrin. I’m 45 years old, married, and live in Germany close to the Black Forest. Right after my 30th birthday I had my first pneumothorax (lung collapse), but was healthy ever since. Then my life started changing every five years. It took five years and several pneumothoraces to get a diagnosis. So when I turned 35 […]