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Pictures to inspire you to visit Dijon

Visit Dijon, France

Dijon is a small city in the Burgundy region of France. It has wonderful wine and is a jumping off point for many to explore the vineyards in the region. The city is also famous for its mustard, which was a big draw for us (you may remember one of our favorite spots in the […]


Four days in the South of France

South of France

We boarded a train in Lyon. The train wasn’t very well air conditioned, the seats were a bit cramped, and there was no wifi (gasp!). But we were heading to the South of France, a first for Sarah. We would see Nice, Monaco, and a few towns in Provence over the next few days. Taking the […]


Don’t be intimidated by Paris

Eiffel Tower, Seine River, Paris, France

Paris can be intimidating. It has grandiose sounding nicknames like “City of Love” and “City of Light.” It’s the most romantic, it’s so beautiful, it’s full of locals who will scoff at your clothing and your attempts at speaking French. But in reality, it’s just another big European city and you should treat it as […]


Top 10 things I love about the Netherlands

Things I love about the Netherlands

It’s currently raining here in Rotterdam, so I’m holed up thinking about how happy I am to be here and everything I love about this country. There are certainly more than this, but a top 10 list is always good. And hopefully this post will inspire you to visit the Netherlands too. 10 things I love […]


How to enjoy French Open tennis in Paris

We like tennis. We always watch the four majors and cheer on our favorite player, Roger Federer. He’s about our age, so watching him play makes us feel both good about ourselves and woefully inadequate all at the same time. But anyway, in the spring and summer of 2017, we spent the last few months […]