Our favorite Valletta photo spots

Valletta photo spots: three beautiful street views in Valletta, Malta

Last Updated on 6th January 2020 by Sarah and Justin

Valletta, the capital of Malta, is one of the most photogenic places we’ve ever been. We gasped every time we walked out our door. And not just camera-toting, snap-happy Sarah… Justin too! Both of us were continually astonished at the picturesque streets and views around us. We hope this guide to the best Valletta photo spots and Valletta viewpoints will inspire a visit.

Top Valletta photo spots and Valletta viewpoints

View of Valletta from Three Cities ferry

View of Valletta from the ferry going to the Three Cities, one of the best Valletta photo spots

Our favorite photo spot in Valletta was from the water. We took a ferry to the Three Cities, enjoying the stunning views along the way. For the first few minutes of the ferry ride, make sure to face back towards Valletta to see the impressive architecture of the city. You’ll likely also see some smaller boats on the water which will make your shots even better.

Small boat in front of Valletta

Parking lot looking out at Sliema

View of rooftops including a large domed church at sunset: one of our favorite Valletta photo spots

If you walk north along (funnily) South Street you’ll reach a parking lot. There you’ll see some great views of Valletta’s consistently colored rooftops including the impressive dome of Madonna tal-Karmnu Church. From another angle you’ll see neighboring Sliema across the water. On the slip of land jutting into the sea, the modern buildings are a striking contrast to the older architecture of Valletta.

View of modern buildings on a peninsula jutting into the water: Sliema, Malta

On your walk along South Street to the aforementioned parking lot, take a peek down Old Mint Street to catch another super great shot of Madonna tal-Karmnu Church.

Madonna tal-Karmnu church seen down a shadowy street in Valletta, Malta

Upper Barrakka Gardens

View of rooftops in Valletta from Upper Barrakka Gardens

Upper Barrakka Gardens is one of the most popular places in Valletta to get great pictures. You can get so many different shots here.

Sarah and Justin in front of a view of the Three Cities from Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta

From the garden itself to the archways surrounding it to Valletta rooftops to views across the water of the Three Cities, it has so much to offer. We visited this spot a few times, all at different times of day so we could take advantage of the different light. It was always worth the trip.

Church in the distance with Malta flags in front of it, at sunset in Valletta

A Flame Which Never Dies

Two people sitting to the right of a large sculpture at one of our favorite Valletta photo spots

Near Upper Barrakka Gardens, across from the Auberge de Castille, is a spot with a unique sculpture and even more lovely views. The sculpture, A Flame Which Never Dies, was erected quite recently in 2017 as a tribute to the Maltese people. It’s in a most picturesque spot. Looking beyond the sculpture, you’ll see sweeping views of the Three Cities. If you continue past the sculpture to the right, you’ll get a great perspective of the plaza surrounding Valletta’s Triton Fountain.

Valletta Triton Fountain plaza

Lower Barrakka Gardens

Temple surrounded by trees in Lower Barrakka Gardens in Valletta

We loved Upper Barrakka Gardens, we really did. But we were actually more impressed by (what we think was the more unique) Lower Barrakka Gardens. In addition to views of the Three Cities, you can see other quite interesting views of Valletta, plus an ancient temple right smack in the middle of the gardens (above), plus a superb view of the Siege Bell War Memorial (below). If these gardens weren’t down such a steep hill (requiring an incredibly steep climb back up) we would have gone more than once.

Siege Bell War Memorial in Valletta, Malta

Picturesque Valletta streets

You’ll find something special on every street in Valletta. Day or night, the city is a treat for the eyes and the lens. Our favorites were Old Mint Street, Old Bakery Street, the previously discussed South Street, St Lucia’s Street, and Old Theatre Street.

Corners come out of nowhere and knock your socks off with their beauty. Green shutters and the most beautiful balconies abound. Plus, there’s drying laundry pretty much everywhere, making everything even more photogenic.

Corner of a street in Valletta with green doors and shutters and laundry

There are also more incredibly eye-catching doors and door knockers and signs and stores than you could imagine.

Valletta is one of the best looking places we’ve visited. We had a blast exploring every street and swooning over every detail. We hope our photos did it all justice and have inspired you to visit too.

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6 thoughts on “Our favorite Valletta photo spots

  1. Pia - Dream and Wanderland says:

    oh yes, Valetta is a beautiful city! Malta, in general, is so pretty! It looks like a small island but there are so many places to explore with a lot of history as well! And don´t forget about Gozo and Comino! I loved it!

    • Sarah and Justin says:

      We didn’t make it beyond Valletta because I got a little sick, but hopefully we’ll get back one day. So much more to explore!

  2. Seattle To Delhi says:

    Amazing photography. Malta is really beautiful place to visit, Last year my cousin traveled Malta with family. Once again thanks thanks for this post.

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