Why we travel

Köln Hauptbahnhof, Germany

To see the world.

To experience the new and the different.

To change the way we think about things.

To spend every day together.

To learn everything we possibly can about each other and ourselves.

To not sit at desks all day.

To walk more.

To see and learn about new species of animals.

To touch elephants.

To walk on glaciers.

To walk across rivers.

To taste things we’ve always wanted to or never even knew existed.

To eat many different types of chilis.

To explore the world’s supermarkets.

To see the stars in darker skies.

To see a whole lot of sunsets.

To wake up to different types of birds singing to us.

To challenge ourselves.

To overcome our fears.

To forget about LAM.

To inspire others.

To make new friends.

To hear new languages spoken by others and ourselves.

To have different conversations.

To understand different perspectives.

To live our lives as fully and as completely as we can.

To never take a single breath for granted.


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Reasons to inspire you to travel


38 Replies to “Why we travel”

  1. I totally agree!!!!

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      You got more travel cred than us these days!

  2. You both are such an inspiration

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Thanks love

  3. Just because…….

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply


  4. This is so beautiful…….it brought me to tears. Thank You!!

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Oh wow – thank you!

  5. Nicely said and very inspirational. Glad you’re doing what you’re doing.

  6. Barbara Alterman says: Reply

    So beautifully said. If more people lived like you, the world would be a kinder and safer place.

  7. And you do indeed inspire others.
    Thank you Sarah and Justin!

  8. All so true!!!!

  9. And to take the breath away of everyone who reads your blog (a good thing!) and can’t wait for more posts!

  10. A simple and sublime poem, loved it! Couldn’t agree more 🙂

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      So happy it resonated with you!

  11. I love this so much. I travel a lot despite chronic illness, and it’s hard, but there are so many reasons it’s worth it.

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Yes there are! Glad you enjoyed it.

  12. Wow I love this! All great reasons and motivators to travel!

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Thank you so much!

  13. Yes, to all!

    Special mention to “walk more” (it never ceases to amaze me how much more willing I am to walk dozens of kilometers when visiting a new country, while back home walking those kinds of distances would have me like “ughhhhh”), and to “tasting new things” (my favourite memories of travel almost always involve food).

    This is such a special list, thank you for sharing <3

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Thank you! I feel like all we do when we travel is walk and eat. It’s amazing how the simple things can bring us such joy, yet that’s so easy to forget and take that for granted when we’re home.

  14. This is such an inspiration. I totally agree with u !

  15. I love everything about this. And I totally agree! Same.

  16. Love this! I am the best version of myself when I travel.

  17. Absolutely love this!! The second one and the second to last one are my favs!

  18. Love this so much !!

  19. My favorite: “To see the stars in darker skies.” That never gets old.

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Thank you! That’s one of our favorites too.

  20. travelsandtreatsblog says: Reply

    Love this! So beautifully written to express your feelings, yet so simple. Well done!

  21. Love your list, all of it is so true and inspiring. When I travel I feel so alive and happy, travelling brings out the best of me.

  22. We travel in the name of food, that’s for sure. And because life is too short to spend it in an office or at the local pub 😀

  23. Wonderful.. I couldn’t agree more.. especially “To taste things we’ve always wanted to or never even knew existed.” So true.

  24. What a beautiful poem. Agree fully!

  25. Totally agree! I travel to find freedom and this unexplainable happiness deep down in me lol. Plus, for food. Haha!

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Let’s be honest… mostly for food. Secondarily for personal fulfillment. 🙂

  26. Simple and just, enough. Love this post. This is why we travel. Travel is life!

    1. Sarah and Justin says: Reply

      Perfectly said. And thank you!

  27. Agree on everything! Yasss!

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