Layover in Stockholm

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Our first official destination of this trip is Prague. But there are no direct flights, so we decided to layover in Stockholm because 1) it’s better for Sarah, 2) it’s easy to get into the city from the airport, and 3) it’s home to one of our favorite restaurants. Here are some Stockholm tips we’ve picked up during this and other visits:

  • Take public transportation from the airport to the city center. We took the (20-minute) Arlanda Express from the airport which has a Thurs-Sun 2-for-1 price of 300 SEK. We decided to save a little money on the way back to the airport and took the (40-minute) Flygbussarna instead, which was a total of 198 SEK for 2 tickets via their app.
  • Take a public ferry boat to get out on the water and see beautiful views of the city. We bought the 24 hour transit pass (115 SEK pp) so we could take as many ferry rides as we wanted. This was a recommendation from Justin’s uncle Jimmy who would ride the ferry back and forth for hours.
  • Go to Restaurant Pelikan for Swedish meatballs. Savor every last bite of the lingonberries.
  • If you fly Norwegian (which we did), use the website instead of the US version to save money. (Disclaimer: now that the NY Times mentioned this in their travel section, it may go away soon).
  • We typically haven’t enjoyed many Swedish beers, but on this trip we got lucky. We stumbled upon a small spot called Katarina Ölkafe (which also had yummy looking sandwiches and mac and cheese) and had a delicious sour IPA made by a local brewery.
  • We didn’t go this time, but the Fotografiska (photography museum) has great exhibits, a good restaurant, and wonderful views.

Stockholm ferry

Stockholm ferry

Stockholm Parliament

Gamla Stan church

3 Replies to “Layover in Stockholm”

  1. Jean Sommerfield says: Reply

    So happy for you both…. now that you’re on your way on this great adventure. We expect great tales and of course, photos!

  2. Meatballs and lingonberries…..yum. Good travel tips, we will get back there someday. Enjoy!

  3. I am just so happy you can do this! I will be living this chance of a life time through your trip!!

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