And we’re off to travel (some of) the world

Last Updated on 13th May 2017 by Sarah and Justin

Today, June 17, 2016, we are leaving our comfortable apartment in Brooklyn to start our year of travel. Ack! After almost 3 years of thinking about it, 8 months of real planning, and 1 month of packing, we are actually doing this. Exciting? Yes. Scary? Of course. But we know this is the right thing to do for us, right now.

June 17 is a meaningful day for another reason. It marks the anniversary of Sarah’s diagnosis with LAM 6 years ago (see Sarah’s Story to learn more). That day changed our lives in not the best way. Hopefully this year we can change our lives in an amazing way – and bring some hope and inspiration to others at the same time.


7 thoughts on “And we’re off to travel (some of) the world

  1. James Monahan says:

    The girl who hates to fly takes on the world. She still does not eat her crust, but globetrotting, no problem. Proud of you. Love you both, wishing you the ultimate safe travels!

  2. Sue Sherman says:

    The LAM Foundation staff is THRILLED (and jealous) for both of you.
    Enjoy, celebrate, learn, share and mostly, believe in yourselves and your intention. You will change more lives than your own in the coming year. We thank you and commend you for your courage. Have fun!!

  3. john squire says:

    Sarah and Justin – Off to see the Wizard and so much more. All the best as you travel the world. Sarah, don’t worry about your mom. I’ll keep her in check. Love you and wish you wonderful adventures.

  4. Allison Murphy says:

    My two amazing friends. And Sarah my friend of 22+ years… You’re about to do something you’ll never forget. I can’t wait to read the blog for updates and see the ig posts!!!

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