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How to take the ferry from Fukuoka to Busan

How to take the ferry from Fukuoka to Busan

During our time in Asia, we traveled from Japan to South Korea by ferry! Specifically we took a ferry from Fukuoka to Busan. We were a little uncertain of how the trip would go, but it turned out great. Since there isn’t too much information out there on how to take the ferry from Fukuoka to […]


Easy ways to save money while traveling

Ways to save money while traveling

We are not budget travelers. We are a married couple approaching middle age, so hostels aren’t our thing. We like good food and drinks – and definitely won’t let ourselves go hungry to save money. But those who know us know we are extremely cost-conscious. And when we did the whole “quit our jobs to travel the […]


How to get from Thailand to Malaysia to Singapore

Trang Bus Station, Thailand

Are you looking to explore the beautiful, relaxing, and delicious countries of Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore all in one trip? We did and highly recommend making time to visit them all. One important consideration is of course transport between Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Long ago in the initial […]