Being a Nana with LAM

Living with LAM: Maria

On April 1, 2013, my whole life changed. I was diagnosed with LAM. I was told, at that time, that I had only ten years to live. I was asked if I had a living will. My entire life began to spin out of control. Depression was creeping in and erasing my life-long dreams, one by one. I was either going to dig myself out of this depression and live my life OR I could make plan to die. Those were my two choices.

Well, it is now 2018 and I am a different person. I have come to the conclusion that my highest honor and accomplishment in life, has been to become the WORLD’S GREATEST NANA (and I have the T-shirt to prove it!). Even though, my five grandkids live out of state (AZ and VA), I strategically plan to make each trip memorable… just in case. Having LAM, there are lots of activities I cannot do, so, I focus, plan and deliver (with exaggerated style) those activities that I CAN still do.

Therefore, whatever I CAN do, I promise it will be my BEST!

  • I will give you my best version of “why it rains” and imitate the best “I’m-too-full-now, I’m-gonna-explode!” cloud, you’ll ever hear!
  • I will be the best “Nana, will-you-teach-me-how-to-blow-a-bubble?” teacher who ever lived!
  • I will be the best (TFC) Teniente Fried Chicken “cooker” in the whole-wide-world!
  • I will create the best “spider weinnie” you will ever “violently devour”, as I scream “please sir, don’t eat my legs!” (don’t forget the ketchup-blood!)
  • I will be the best make-up model you’ll ever “over-paint”!
  • And, I promise to be the best “Who’s that tripping over my bridge?” troll voice that ever rumbled!

My primary goal is that my grandchildren remember their Nana. I’m making sure of that… just in case!

I’ve heard say that a pictured-memory will soon fade, but the way someone made you feel will linger in your memory and heart FOREVER! I hope that in super-sizing the activities I CAN do with my grandkids, the LAM will never be remembered.

Maria lives in San Antonio, Texas and is 63 years old. She was diagnosed with LAM on May 1, 2013. She is a retired Early Childhood Educator with 28 years of service.

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