Tromso, Norway

About Us

Welcome to Travel Breathe Repeat. We are Sarah and Justin, a married couple from New York, and we recently completed a year-long trip around (some of) the world.

In 2010, shortly after we got married, Sarah was diagnosed with an incredibly rare, incurable, fatal lung disease called lymphangioleiomyomatosis (more easily known as LAM). To learn more, visit Sarah’s Story. Dealing with the diagnosis has been hard for both of us, but one of the things that has helped us get through it has been our travels. (As of October 2018, we have visited 50 countries together!) Our travels inspire and fulfill us – and help us not think about the hand we’ve been dealt. And so we decided to make it the main focus of our lives for a year.

We also devoted a large part of our travels to raising awareness of LAM and helping connect the global LAM community. Through our partnership with the LAM Foundation, we met other women with LAM, doctors and researchers, and leaders of local foundations. You can read more about all our LAM meet-ups here!

Our goal was to further scientific exploration for LAM as we furthered our own exploration of the world and ourselves!