Reflecting on milestones

View from Cetatuia Hill, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

June 17 is a pretty big day. Eight years ago today, I learned a very long word. Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. That word would answer questions like why I was struggling to breathe walking a flight of subway stairs or at my normal New Yorker pace. It was the scariest word I’d ever heard (its length didn’t help). […]

Traveling with LAM

Living with LAM: Sarah

I mention it often here – I have a fatal, incurable lung disease called lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM). Traveling has helped me and Justin cope with having this disease and the uncertainty it brings. While we try to build tips about traveling with a chronic illness and accessibility information about destinations into our posts, I haven’t actually […]

Being an athlete with LAM

Living with LAM: Melissa

It took crossing the finish line of my first marathon for me to consider myself an athlete. Although I enjoyed athletic activities throughout my life – softball, volleyball, track and field, swimming, hiking, skiing – it wasn’t until I took up running as an adult that I identified as an athlete. I became increasingly interested […]