Europe is where we fell in love with travel. Our first overseas trip together was to Italy, where we dined on astonishingly delicious food and explored some of the major sights we’d only ever dreamed about visiting. Next, we made it to Germany in cold, snowy winter where we soaked in history and drank all the beer. It was then we discovered we didn’t have to travel during perfect weather and peak tourist season to enjoy ourselves.

We now live in Europe, and pinch ourselves every day. We feel lucky we can hop on a train or bus or short flight to see a new city or country. We hope to one day say we’ve visited every country in the region, but still love revisiting spots that hold a special place in our hearts.

Throughout the years, we’ve been to the most popular destinations and those that are a bit off the beaten path. We’ve visited big cities, small towns, and remote countryside villages. We’ve toured the region during all seasons. Europe has so much to offer, and we’ll never be done exploring. We hope you get some travel inspiration for your European vacation here.

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