Lake Bled: day trip from Ljubljana

Lake Bled, Slovenia

We had longingly looked at pictures of Lake Bled, Slovenia for years, desperate to visit. It’s one of the most picturesque little spots we’d ever seen. While in Trieste, Italy we met someone who had just spent a week there and he advised that we only go on the clearest of days. We monitored the weather and made the day-trip on our second day in Ljubljana.

How to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled

We took the public bus from Ljubljana to Lake Bled. The bus is easier, faster, and cheaper than taking the train. There are bus schedules online. When we were visiting (in late April), the bus ran every hour, and the trip takes a little over an hour. You buy your tickets at the bus station, which is right outside the train station, in Ljubljana. If you’re a tourist and don’t speak Slovenian, like us, they’ll sell you a reserved seat, which costs a little more and you definitely don’t need. It’s a popular route, though, so later in the trip, people have to stand.

The scenery along the way is beautiful, and will keep you occupied staring out the window the whole time.
View from the bus from Ljubljana to Lake Bled, Slovenia

There are a few stops actually in Bled, but its easiest to get off at the bus station. From there you just walk down the hill to get to the lake and main part of town.

What to do at Lake Bled

There are a few major things to do in Lake Bled. But, not surprisingly, they all involve the lake!

1. Walk (or bike) around Lake Bled

There is a well-made, 6km easy to follow path around the lake that you can walk or bike around. We walked. It took us about two hours, including some stops along the way to marvel at the mountains surrounding us or watch ducks do their thing.
Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

2. Go for a hike

The whole area around Lake Bled is known for its hiking. We tried to do one of the easier, shorter hikes. Sarah even brought her portable oxygen concentrator so we could. But we misread the directions and ended up in someone’s backyard instead. Oops.
Lake Bled, Slovenia

3. Take a boat to the island

Bled Island sits in the center of Lake Bled and the Church of the Assumption sits on Bled Island. Many tourists make trips to Lake Bled just to visit the island and the church. It is quite beautiful, but we only viewed it from afar. Once you take a boat across, there are 99 stairs to climb to get up to the church and the biggest reason people do it is to ring a bell.

4. Visit Bled Castle

Bled Castle looks pretty cool, but it takes a big hike to get up to it. We were told that you can have lunch at the castle and if you make a reservation, you also get a free castle tour. We did this, but went on a different day than originally planned to take advantage of the weather, so it didn’t work out.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
Bled Island and Bled Castle looking good against the gorgeous mountainous backdrop.

What to eat in Lake Bled

We had a great pizza lunch at Pizzeria Gallus. The pizza was huge and quite tasty. But the highlight was the view of Bled Castle and the mountains from the restaurant. We highly recommend it.

The thing to eat in Bled is cream cake. Since this has turned out to be a post about what we didn’t do at Lake Bled, we’re sure you’ll be shocked to learn we did not in fact eat the cream cake. We were too full of pizza! Sarah regrets this. Just another reason to return.

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Day trip from Ljubljana to Lake Bled in Slovenia

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