Christmas Markets in Cologne

Christmas Market am Dom in Köln, Germany

Köln (Cologne) is one of our favorite cities in Europe. We came here on our honeymoon so it feels romantic and nostalgic. It has a lot of Christmas Markets, which we LOVE! And there’s a pretty large LAM community in and around Köln. So, when we decided to hang out in Germany in December, it all added up to us spending most of that time in Köln (sorry, Düsseldorf).

Köln’s Christmas Markets

There are seven Christmas Markets in Köln. And since the city is relatively small and easy to get around (on foot or by U-Bahn), it’s easy to see all of them! We spent two weeks in the city and went to a Christmas Market at least every other day. They’re hard to avoid… and why would you want to? Christmas Markets are the embodiment of joy during the holiday season. Even though on the surface they may appear a bit touristy, they are a hugely local thing. Everyone is just happy to be there enjoying good food and good Glühwein and each other’s company. We really fell in love with Christmas Markets on our honeymoon and think Köln has some of the best around.

Christmas Market am Dom

The most impressive Christmas Market in Köln is definitely the one under the Dom, one of the largest churches in the world (taller than the one in Utrecht). The Dom is a gorgeous, ornate building, and it looks even more beautiful when it’s towering over a Christmas tree and festive Christmas Market huts.
Köln Dom, Germany

Christmas Market am Dom in Köln, Germany

Christmas Market am Dom in Köln, Germany

One can also climb to the top of the Dom. We did this on our honeymoon before Sarah was diagnosed with LAM (and climbing 533 steps would be difficult for her with or without a lung disease!). We are very glad we did it then – the views out the little windows on the way up and from the top are pretty cool.
View from the Köln Dom in 2009, Germany

Heinzelmännchen Christmas Market

The Heinzelmännchen Christmas Market is massive and actually seems like two markets in one. It starts a few minutes walk from the Dom, going through the Altstadt. It’s lined with wooden statues of gnomes (Heinzelmännchen) and goes right behind the beautiful Rathaus (city hall).

Heinzelmännchen Christmas Market in Köln, Germany

Köln Rathaus, Germany

One of our favorite Christmas Market eats can be found here. Schupfnudeln is a dish made of rolled noodles. It’s typically served with sauerkraut and bacon, which is quite tasty. But one of the stalls in this Christmas Market have a version with arugula, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and crème fraîche. It’s absurdly decadent, but so delicious. And there’s greens in there, so you can convince yourself it’s not a complete lost cause.
Schupfnudeln in Köln, Germany

The market large continues through to Heumarkt. The highlight here is a skating rink – and a pretty big one considering!
Skating rink at Heumarkt in Köln, Germany

We had a really fun time skating in such a beautiful setting.
Ice skating in Köln, GermanyAlthough Sarah forgot Justin is an expert skater…

A little rest after skating in Köln, Germany…and that skating requires exertion! But not to worry… there were plenty of benches on which to take a little breather. 

Angels Market

Markt der Engel was our favorite the last time we visited the city. We were pleased when we learned it was pretty close to where we were staying this time. It’s angel-themed (and there are two people dressed as angels who will dutifully sprinkle children with glitter and take pictures with them). There are twinkly lights everywhere and it’s quite beautiful.
Markt der Engel, Köln, Germany

Markt der Engel in Köln, Germany

We also enjoyed a new Christmas Market treat – Prague ham sandwiches. We saw these stalls throughout Köln and the delicious spit-roasted meat didn’t disappoint. And of course the side of kale made the whole meal super healthy! It’s not like it had cream and Wurst in it or anything…
Prague ham sandwiches at Christmas Market in Köln, Germany

Christmas Market at Rudolfplatz

Our go-to Christmas Market this season was a couple blocks from where we were staying at Rudolfplatz. It’s a much smaller market with fewer stalls but just as much delicious food, warming Glühwein, and super happy people. It’s positioned under the Hahnentorburg (Hahnen Gate) which, originally built in the 13th century, was one of the 12 gates to the city in medieval times.
Hahnentorburg in Köln, Germany

Christmas Market at Rudolfplatz in Köln, Germany

At the Christmas Market at Rudolfplatz in Köln, Germany

I will also always love this market because I hung out with my LAM sisters here!
LAM meet-up in Köln, Germany

Christmas Avenue

A smaller Christmas Market in the same area as Rudolfplatz and the Angels Market was Christmas Avenue. It’s billed as the gay and lesbian Christmas Market. All the stalls were wrapped in pink and purple metallic wrapping paper. It was open late and also had live music. Super fun! (And we were apparently having too much fun there to snap any good pictures!)


The Statdgarten Christmas Market seems a bit more upscale than the others. Its Glühwein is organic and costs 10 cents more than it did anywhere else. It’s definitely they place to go for proper Christmas Market shopping, with a more unique offering of gifts and crafts. It’s a bit further out of the center, but reachable by tram in just a few minutes.
Christmas Market at Stadtgarden in Köln, Germany

Harbour Christmas Market

The Harbour Christmas Market at the is located directly in front of the Chocolate Museum, which looks delicious (we’ve never actually gone in). It’s in a beautiful setting at the harbour with views of the city all around you. It’s maritime themed, which mainly means they sell more seafood and some of their huts are shaped like ships. It too is a bit further out of the center, but quite lovely.
Enjoying Glühwein at the Harbour Christmas Market in Köln, Germany

View of Köln from the Chocolate Museum/Harbour Christmas Market, Germany

View of the other side of Köln from the Chocolate Museum/Harbour Christmas Market, Germany


If you only have one day to see Christmas Markets in Köln (which would be a tragedy), you can hop on the Christmas-Market-Express, which drives visitors to four Christmas Markets.
Christmas-Market-Express at the Harbour Christmas Market in Köln, Germany

Bonus: Christmas Markets in Bonn

Bonn is a super quick train ride away from Köln so we went for an afternoon to see even more Christmas Markets and explore the city. It’s also where our friend Sina lives so we were keen to see it. There are a few Christmas Markets quite close together which made for easy wandering.
Christmas Market in Bonn, Germany

Enjoying Glühwein at the Christmas Market in Bonn, Germany

In addition to the Christmas Markets, we enjoyed a long walk down to the river and through a park.
Bonn, Germany

And then we stumbled onto the most incredible store…
At the Haribo Store in Bonn, GermanyBonn truly is a magical place! 

Other things to do in Köln

If you get sick of Christmas Markets, there are of course lots of other things to do in Köln. We’ve already meantioned climbing the Dom and going to the Chocolate Museum.

Check out the Belgian Quarter (Belgisches Viertel)

A small neighborhood in the western part of the city, the Belgisches Viertel has a ton of cool little streets (all named after places in Belgium) with cute shops and a ton of cafes and restaurants. It’s a great place to get lost for a late afternoon stroll turned night out.
In the Belgisches Viertel in Köln, Germany

In the Belgisches Viertel in Köln, Germany

Go to the park

The Innerer Grüngürtel is a ring of parks around Köln’s center. It’s a great place to exercise (it has a pretty cool equipment area) or take a stroll.
Innerer Grüngürtel in Köln, Germany

Walk around the Altstadt

The buildings are cute and colorful like all European Old Towns should be.
Altstadt Köln, Germany

Go to a hockey game

The Kölner Haie (sharks!) are super fun to watch and the Laxness Arena where they play is right in the city and easy to get to. Their mascot is also awesome.
At the Kölner Haie game

Sharks the Kölner Haie mascot, Köln, GermanyThanks to our friend Chris (who visited us in Düsseldorf) for capturing Sharky the mascot mid-dance! 

See art outdoors

We discovered a very cool sculpture garden (Skulpturenpark) in the northern part of the city (easily accessible by public transportation). It’s also close to the Rhine, so a walk down the river is easy and nice after a visit.
Skulpturenpark in Köln, Germany

Skulpturenpark in Köln, Germany

Köln and the Rhine River, Germany

Go to a museum

We didn’t stop at one during this last visit, but have previously visited the Ludwig, the Römisch-Germanisches Museum, the city museum, and Kolumba and they’re all super.

Just wander

As per usual, we’re happiest just wandering aimlessly around a city and Köln is no exception. It’s a pretty city, and you’ll come across lovely buildings and trees and interesting people and things.
Köln, Germany

Köln, Germany

Köln, Germany

Köln, GermanyThe city is small enough, and the Dom is big enough that it will just sneak up on you sometimes!

Eats and Drinks

  • The only thing to drink in Köln is Kölsch. Except when its Christmastime and then Glühwein is acceptable too.
  • We stayed in a great apartment and were able to cook quite a bit. Köln also has great Asian markets so we tried out some recipes from recent Southeast Asian travels including bún bò.
    Bún bò Köln
  • We also made more German fare, such as onion and wurst soup.
    Homemade onion and wurst soup in Köln, Germany

We did enjoy several meals out (aside from Christmas Market food) highly recommend the following…

  • We’re a bit biased since we ate here on our honeymoon and have romantic associations, but Ristorante Etrusca is one of our favorite Italian restaurants in the world! Their signature dish is homemade pasta with truffles and prepared tableside in a wheel of parmigiana reggiano cheese. It’s quite unforgettable. But everything else is delicious too.

Sarah in awe of her pasta being prepared at Ristorante Etrusca in Köln, Germany

The truffle pasta Ristorante Etrusca in Köln, Germany

Dinner at Restaurante Etrusca in Köln, Germany

  • We enjoyed a proper German meal at a smal spot near where we were staying called Brauhaus Pütz. It was some of the best German food we’ve had. The owner was quick with the Kölsch, so if you want to stop drinking it you’d better top your glass with your coaster once you’re halfway done!

Kölsch at Brauhaus Pütz in Köln, Germany

Dinner at Brauhaus Pütz in Köln, Germany

Dinner at Brauhaus Pütz in Köln, Germany

  • Ever since our time in Hanoi, we can’t get enough pho. Luckily there were a bunch of Vietnamese places near where we were staying around Zülpicher Platz.

Pho in Köln, Germany

  • And last (but most definitely not least), there are plenty of places to get Döner in Köln. Our top spot from our last visit seemed to have gotten a new sign and increased their prices, but it was still great. It’s the shop located across the street from the statue in the Heumarkt. We also tried a place near our apartment that was always filled with people called Zülpicher Döner. The bread was the standout with this one.

At one of our long-time favorite Döner Kebabs in Köln, GermanyThe Köln-Düsseldorf rivalry even extends to Döner Kebab! 

One of our long-time favorite Döner Kebabs in Köln, Germany

Zülpicher Döner in Köln, Germany

Zülpicher Döner in Köln, Germany

We were sad to say goodbye after living in this awesome city for two weeks. But we’re pretty sure we’ll be back. Tschüß!

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