Hanoi: Living up to the hype

Traffic in Hanoi Old Quarter, Vietnam

Hanoi is big and loud and busy. You take your life into your hands every time you try to cross the street. The noise of the traffic and the hawkers never ceases. You eat on the sidewalk using dishes of questionable cleanliness. It was awesome. We didn’t do much during our time in the city. And […]

LAM meet-up in Köln

LAM meet-up in Köln, Germany

The first woman with LAM I made on this journey was Sina. I met her in Berlin, but she actually lives near Köln, where Justin and I recently stayed for two weeks. Sina pulled out all the stops for our visit and organized a full-fledged German LAM meeting! It was one of the last things we […]

Bún bò: recipes from the road

Bún bò Köln

We ate a lot of good food in Hanoi. A lot. It’s hard to play favorites, but one stand-out dish was definitely bún bò. There are different types of bún bò throughout Vietnam. The version we tried in Hanoi was a delicious bowl of herb salad, rice noodles, and beef topped with fried shallots and peanuts, all […]