Owls in Tokyo

Owl at Akiba Fukurou owl cafe, Tokyo, Japan

Yep. We went to an owl cafe in Tokyo. We were those people. It was expensive and absurd but wonderful and unforgettable. We had a great time. Owl cafes are what came after cat cafes. If you didn’t know, cat cafes are big in Tokyo. But they’re like yesterday’s news. Now the even bigger thing […]

Cheap eats in Tokyo

Cheap eats, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has a lot of restaurants. There are currently 83,783 restaurants in the city listed on TripAdvisor, but some put the number closer to 200,000. Tokyo also has the most Michelin starred restaurants. So you can eat well in this city. We, of course, are on a budget. But we love cheap eats, especially the kind that […]