Outstanding Olomouc

Olomouc, Upper Square, Czech Republic

Olomouc is a smallish city in Moravia, an eastern region in the Czech Republic. We most likely found it searching for stops between Brno and Kraków, but we’re so glad we did. If you’re traveling in the Czech Republic, it’s definitely worth a visit. It took us 1 hour to get to Olomouc from Brno on […]

Beer in Brno

Brno, Czech Republic

We know, we know – we drink a lot of beer when we travel. So is Beer in Brno really that unique to warrant being the name of a city report? We think so! First, let’s level set. Pilsner, Pilsner Urquell, was born in a town called Plzeň (or Pilsen in English), which is located […]

Dobrý den Prague

Prague Castle

Prague is a great city for different types of travelers to visit – it’s beautiful, it’s easy to get around, it’s steeped in history, it has great beer, and it’s cheap. In addition to these reasons, we started in Prague because we’d been before and we wanted to be comfortable and not feel guilty if […]

Layover in Stockholm

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Our first official destination of this trip is Prague. But there are no direct flights, so we decided to layover in Stockholm because 1) it’s better for Sarah, 2) it’s easy to get into the city from the airport, and 3) it’s home to one of our favorite restaurants. Here are some Stockholm tips we’ve […]